CARMH 5 Aug 15 to 17

Come visit us on Aug 15, 16, and 17 for the SEARCH groups fifth annual Southeast Alberta Weekend also known as SAW. We will be starting things off on Aug 15 with a welcome to Medicine Hat event. After that you will be allowed to cache all night if you like and find as many caches as you can. Saturday evening will be the CARMH5 BBQ where we will all meet for food, drinks, prizes group photos and much more. We will follow up on Sunday with a CITO event. I am send out a challenge to everyone to hide caches for the event weekend. For any more information please see the CARMH5 website or email

Geocaching in Medicine Hat

Geocaching in and around Medicine Hat

Medicine Hats Power Trails

Goecacher Power Saw has put out four trails for cachers to find. The first trail that came out is called Power Saw and has 100 caches. It has a final cache called Powers of Observation by Jobok&Deedster. Chainsaw came out next with 115 caches. It has a final cache called Chain Reaction by King.Tut. Next came Jigsaw with 101 caches. It has a final cache called Jigsaw Puzzle by DSK11. Then came the trail called Rock & Roll. It has a final cache called TeePee Rock & Roll Puzzle Cache by TahoeGR00. That's a total of 365 trail caches and 4 extra puzzle caches to log. Power Saw will be extending the Jigsaw trail as well as a surprise trail coming out just prior to the CARMH4 weekend event. So keep a close watch on the Power trails of Medicine Hat.